The method will write about the weapons is probably the most revolutionary ever presented. I’ve been using for three seasons, and I think the best thing going for some time and breeder of cocker, who for one reason or another, can not spend the morning at night time and go through two weeks remains a regular. I have to go to work early in the morning, and the usual routine of two weeks, I was hurt, and I’m sure many of you are facing the same problem.

A very good friend of mine for years conditioned and trained some great horses mating, this method gave me and assured me it would work, as he had used for years. When started in the poultry industry several years ago, knew nothing of how they feed their deer conditioners. Then he thought he would use the same methods used to train horses, especially colts, and I know he used good condition for its deer. Anyone who has seen the fight ever noticed how your deer really going to be off the fire, and if necessary, that could really knock down the well.

It was not until the years rolled by, everyone knew that his method was totally different from anything ever used before, as far as the deer stay in shape to fight through an entire season. I thought the pass to the fraternity, and it might benefit someone like me who can not stick to a routine of morning and evening every day for two weeks.

The secret of this method if you want to call it, is to lay a solid foundation of wind and stamina, which will last you through the games the entire season.

Once you have laid the foundation, you can go to a meeting at any time during the season, with only one weeks notice. To do this, simply put your deer during the week “Fight The training schedule” and you can fight in all the wells in the country and not worry about the state or the weather of your deer will disappeared at the end of two weeks regular method, or you need to add weight or take off, etc., and you do not worry if they are stiff or painful, either because you brought them together and slowly, slowly building wind and stamina, not throw them on the bench for the first time in their lives and work up to a hundred flies and lasts two weeks and then turn them loose. I have deer, and therefore everyone who has taken two weeks just to know how you function properly. I find that with this method, they learned all the tricks in less than two months before their first fight.

You will notice that the work always takes place at night. In my case, it is a matter of convenience. If you work other than the first quarter, you can do the work in the morning. You only need to work three days a week. You work all other days, ie Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It also gives you, and deer in the weekend. Now here we start to fight against the deer in mid-April. This means that I will put my foundation in the months February and March. If you fight sooner than that, you back up your base month. And remember that, after the foundation work is complete, you never touch your deer again that put them into “combat training schedule.” Even as recently as late June, deer scratching in the straw your driver will pefrect condtion, only they are tightened with the “timing of the battle training.”

I guess almost everyone has a favorite food of the chickens, so it does not cover all directions on the food here, except to say that I can feed my deer feeding high quality pigeons. I should also mention that I am talking about people like me, up to 15 deer or one year, provided that this method is concerned. I do not think it works for those who raise a lot of things and make field trips, etc. I have a house with 15 seats cock in it, and when I close my deer in October or November, go work out again until March before. The exception to this rule, if we have a great week in the winter, or if you know it’s going to be a beautiful day, I will put in their careers. So you can see I’m still in contact with my deer, and I know each of them by heart. I also try to take only 10 deer per year. I guess this is enough, and if they are well enough birds are going to win much more than ten battles.

Here is the “procedure of the foundation” as I use it, and if it can benefit a person, I think my efforts have not been in vain.

The schedule below is based on eight weeks. I use the months of February and March, eight weeks, although not always fall on the right in recent months, I intend to use them, for example:


First week, 20 runs and flies

2. week, 25 works, and Flys

Third week, 35 home runs and flies

Fourth week, 45 runs and flies


1. week, 60 works, and Flys

Second week, 60 tracks and flies

Third week, 75 runs and flies

4. week, 75 works, and Flys

FIGHT training schedule: If the fight is on the night of Saturady, you work on deer Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, twice a day morning and evening.

Last year, I mentioned only a 5-Cervi, of which 5 won 17 fights. And these 17 fights my first and split the first two derbies. I have not said this to brag to my chickens, only one point up that you do not need a lot of deer, if they are good, and are in good condition. You know, I have to laugh when someone speaks to me of a Cocker great time you are preparing for a big derby, or more important, and includes about 80 deer from their walks, and then cut down to 20 to get enough to fight. If a man is the position of the bird produces only a quarter is good enough to fight, I do not think he has much at all. Well, that’s another story, we do not address here.



I. Feeding During the Bear

Let me tell you what some cockers “secrets” in the conditioning of fighting cocks in the pit. For starters, talk about cockers feeding.Some that the secret in the appropriate packaging of fighting cocks are food. There is no doubt that diet plays an important role in the packaging, but remember that food should be considered in relation to other factors, a trainer screen while preparing its own set of feathered warriors. With due respect to other teachers, please consider what I say here is what I personally do.

First of all, before you go to “14 days to hold,” we have to choose between candidates. If you must fight 5-cock derby, simply multiply the number of roosters membership (say 5), three (3) to come up with the candidates you need to choose (ie 15). It is assumed that these pricks passed through the pre-conditioning process in which meats are good, healthy and full chest, but without the large intestine, or “sapola”. It ‘better than they have about 200 grams more than the best fighting weight observed in the pre-conditioning. It ‘better to lower the weight of the cock during the KEEP rather than increase, which requires much time, effort and uncertainty. Remember that we are doing 14-to-day, not 21 or 30

But “what is the weight right to fight?” You may ask. The best fighting weight is the weight where your dick better fought spars made when he was in the pre-conditioning. In the pre- conditioning, weight record every bite before each recording. Grade his game to suit your preferences. It might be good, very good, good or neutral during the sparring sessions. In less than five (5) sparring, you should be able to know his best fighting weight. Consider the weight where he fought most of his best fighting weight.

Let the candidates only bread soaked in milk, eat the redness of your choice. Deworm in the normal way, and delouse simply spraying the feathers. Making cocks deep in water. Now they are all clean, inside and out.

To avoid infections and other diseases in the keep, I inject Combiotic (only 1 cc. Per bird) on the chest of each shot in the first day.

Feed to maintain, try to maintain a crude protein: 16% (CP) on day one through eleven (1-11). To do this, mix the ingredients of many of the following:

50% – whole corn

20% – red wheat

10% – whole oats or oat jockey

10% – Royal Pigeon Feed

10% – Pellets (16% CP)

Corn is a staple food and the birds that provides a lot of carbohydrates and some protein. I use red wheat instead of white, one red, because the grain is easier to digest, and has a protein level higher than the white. If you can not find the Royal Pigeon Feed, you can replace this with a 5% peas and yellow peas 5% of the dose. These feeds provide most of the protein in the diet cock. 10% of the pellets can be Holding Ration pellets or pellets simply Pigeon. Just make sure to use the pellets containing 16% crude protein. See packaging for this information. The above proportions are measured dry weight.

All grains are soaked in water for at least 9 hours. Immediately after each meal, you need to soak the seeds for the next. Soaking increases the moisture content of seeds and stimulating germination. Sprouted grains produce more protein. Legumes such as peas and soybeans must be heated or sprouted to his metabolizable crude protein. Otherwise, we can not use the proteins in these grains. Mix the grains with granules only at meals. You now have what is called base flow.

The bottom of this feed, add a little ‘white boiled eggs. Finely chop one (1) white and boiled eggs every four or five taps. This provides some of the proteins and help to maintain body moisture cock during this time. Boiled eggs are all faucets throughout the KEEP (days 1-14).

Besides the eggs, add volume (fiber), and natural vitamins and minerals to your diet by mixing chopped tomatoes or cabbage or lettuce. These vegetables should represent 20% of the feed mixture, while the other 80% comes from the basic diet with boiled eggs. We use volume measures now, rather than weight. If we take one (1) tablespoon of 20%, then we can combine (1) attic tablespoons vegetable four (4) is filled with scoops of staple foods for one hundred percent (100%). This will be the final composition of your diet from day 1 to 11.

Providing a constant supply of oatmeal roosters, day 1 to 9 of the dungeon. Grits Cocks helps digest food and keep a proper exercise of the gizzard. They remain in the gizzard of a week. Therefore, oats are held five days before the fight to remove the gizzard, not only food but also oats, the day of battle.

Feed the faucets on a regular basis. Eating the same time each day. I give the feed morning at 7 o’clock in the morning and afternoon to feed 16:00 Give each cock for two (2) heaping tablespoon of mixture support of the above foods. It is about 30-40 grams of feed to the cock. During the day, the taps should be limited to an empty 2 or fifteen shows that the digestive system works well. It takes only six (6) to seven (7) now be digested in the body feeds the chickens. If anyone should be reserved for committed before the afternoon feed, take it out of the shop.

I love cocks that are voracious and fast grinding. They show that your system is really at work. Gallos demanding, and then with their cups of food should experience something unpleasant. Must be observed and treated for an illness, and returned to pre-conditioning. I always try to see the roosters in custody before, during and after eating. If possible, do all day, every day, even while sleeping.

This power system, we expect that taps a weight loss greater than 200 grams from the beginning to keep. Therefore, daily monitoring of weight is necessary. Weigh the roosters in the morning prior to administration. Gallen should reduce its weight of ten (10) to twenty (20) grams per day, and arrive at his best fighting weight of 11 or KEEP last three (3) days before the day of battle. If one loses 50 grams or more in a span of 24 hours, the rooster is sick or unable to maintain the stress buffer. We return to the pre-conditioning. Three (3) days before the battle, we Carbo-Loading Technique.

II. Carbo – Loading Technology

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for cocks in training. Like human athletes prepare for competition, cockfighting should store enough energy in your body to be used during the fight for his life. The critical days in the package of three (3) days before the fight, the coach is willing to instruct his cock with as much energy as possible to give this power, you will need. This is done by “carbohydrate loading”.

In short, the “Carbo-Loading” refers to techniques to increase or “loading” the carbohydrates in the diet is not Cocks game in the past three (3) Keep the day as part of the “show”.

The aim is to increase the available metabolizable energy (ME) in the body of the rooster to be used during combat. This is achieved by increasing the energy content of feed fed to the birds. Base power of 16% crude protein, we have from the start until day 11 of the Tower of Homage, which gradually increase the amount of carbohydrates to 75% or 80% in the last 3 days. Slowly, so as not to upset the digestive system of valves.

For basic food for every 100 grams of corn add 10%, equivalent to 10 grams of corn to 12 days, 20 grams to 13 grams per day and 30, 14, for a total of 80% corn in the ration on the 14th day. Thus, the total amount of protein decreases, while increases of carbohydrates. The normal amount of two (2) tablespoons of food given to roosters daily, morning and afternoon.

Because the use of corn? First of all, corn Provides supply-cock that “snap” Every time you hit your opponent. Just compare the taps are fed corn to those who do not. Cocks game that have corn in their diet seem to be more fleshy and muscular, though a bit ‘heavier, but the roosters without losing grain feel to the touch.

Corn is my choice for carbo-loading, because corn is high in carbohydrates (energy metabolism) compared to other foods. The table below shows the amount of nutrients available ingredients found in common grains used as livestock feed conditioning. We can see that oatmeal (unshelled) is metabolized more energy (3400 kcal), followed by maize with 3366 kcal. However, oats are also rich in fats. This tends to create “sapola” or intestinal fat cock. Experience also tells me that the diet of oatmeal longer turn very green manure and take away that “snap” the valve is closed. Therefore, I prefer the corn, which also have high energy metabolism, but low in fat. This energy is stored is metabolized in the body of the chicken for at least two days before it is converted to fat if not used during this period.

In the last 3 days before the game, soak the beans are usually regulated. Moisture in the tap is driven by various factors, both on tap and its surroundings. Because they are water consumption is controlled within three (3) days after Hold.

The above data comes from: The Merck Veterinary Manual, Seventh Edition

III. Humidity and Water

Fighting the body of the penis is at least 65% water. Only for this, we can see that the water is really an important part of their air-conditioned our chickens. We dig deeper. Why are we so worried about the water and moisture in the first place? Proper maintenance cocks, we have what we call their “peak”, that is to say, are the “point” or, in layman’s terms, are the lightest, but their greatest strength or power. We can affect this through the proper management of moisture and water birds.

Gamecock education particularly affected by water in two ways: 1) because the supply of moisture needed by the body’s normal functioning of the body, and 2) because the temperature controller. Defrost, the water acts as solvent and pellets, grain, and helps in fermentation. Feed roosters during the cooking time is stored in the culture where it is going through. At this stage, acids, proteins and carbohydrates are even more before being transferred to the muscle of the stomach for digestion. So when a rooster tied to receive limited, we must make every effort to empty his crop of fermented foods that he died of poison, they could be reached. Without the right amount of water, proper digestion and fermentation of food does not occur and endanger the lives of our loved chickens. So keep an eye on how to feed and water your Cocks game, especially when they are training.

Day 1 to 11 in our conditioning program, the water is always present, before the cocks after meals. Moisture is also provided by soaking the seeds overnight. However, day 12, as a conditioner / trainer should have what I call an eye clinic and take care of is to assess the status of each bird. While you enjoy your chicken, ask yourself these questions: How much water does the tap or drinking during the day? One way is to draw a line on the inside of the pot to the right of food / drink, first day of Dungeon remember the actual amount of water put in every morning. When night falls, get the water remaining in the pot and is measured with a measuring cup. On the tenth day, one can predict more or less water every bite drunk in one day. At 12 days of the dungeon, look how much you drink. Does the key to eating their normal amount of flow? How to respond to carbohydrate loading?

12. day, we started adjusting carbohydrate feed, remember? If the rooster has the right amount of moisture in the body at this time, he is probably eating the same amount of inputs that has grown accustomed. Like his droppings? Whether it’s water, dry or wet?

Evaluate the moisture from the body of the bird watching with their droppings. Wet, not heard, a splash of excrement when canceled, but the texture and the right way when he fell. Try to walk lightly and if it sticks to shoes, then right moisture. Also, see your cock like a bowel movement or move his bowels. If it is a difficult time passing stool, he must be very dry. If too dry, not cut it. If too wet, it will be slow and can not be cut with precision. How’s the weather? Is it cloudy, sunny, hot, rainy or hot?

During the hot summer months, the valve definitely drink more water to regain lost moisture and also to regulate its body temperature. A feverish cock drink water more often than a rooster, which has the right body temperature. Therefore, their droppings very wet.

The wind also makes cocks dry. Although the temperature may be so, the loss of water through the skin and feathers is strongly affected by wind or air currents. You may not realize it, but your penis can be too dry, although they prefer to stay on the hook, because the wind is too cold.

During the rainy months, infections are numerous. These infections, such as CRD and coryza are cocks feverishly. Bites may not show clinical signs at first, but you will realize that drinking is often not only to find moisture, but also to regulate body temperature. They are excited. Take them out of the dungeon.

Range of body temperature during the cock between 38.5o 39.5o Celsius Keep is. This is their normal body temperature. Use a rectal thermometer measures the temperature of the rooster. Finally, it seems like every fucking touching? This is something that no medical or scientific ways of speaking. You need to be properly conditioned to the feeling of their cocks. Cocker Americans call this “Corky”, perhaps referring to the sensation of light when fucking hands.

When he said, some of the taps, and a dense, tight and muscular. Some are thin, light and loose, while others are thin, heavy and tight. While others are thin, heavy and loose. We are looking for a rooster, which is a light but full bodied and slightly loose. If you feel tight muscle may be muscle-bound. We do not want to fight this day. Muscle-bound cocks are still suffering from muscle fatigue. When we say “loose” means the muscles relaxed. Toned muscles properly, the tension and slack in them. Always check the weight of their cargo through the book. Rooster is his best fighting weight. This 12 days, looking for loose muscles, due to the following (2) days we are trying to get their cocks tight and dryer.

If your faucets have been properly conditioned, they drink less water for the rest of the team. If, on the 12th day, you will find your chicken droppings are wet or too dry, you still have the 13th and 14 today to make adjustments.

IV. Pointing and Troubleshooting

Day, day of struggle is the most critical day, when the struggle for cock. On this day, just hours before the actual combat, the status of the key must be at its highest. We do this through a process called pointing.

The score is the process in which the valve is to be in the weight as low as possible, but always his greatest strength. Bites in this state is said that “peak” or “The Point”. A valve has reached the point of bright feathers, face bright red, moist, watery stools red eyes, alert and relaxed, and with a normal body temperature.

But before the cock point, I think an explanation of membership in a derby is in order. Derbies are usually held at night until dawn. Bigtime derbies in the presentation made weight the day before and the program comes to fight in the afternoon. Small for Derby week, the presentation of weight on the morning of the battle.

Good morning, before the application of weights, the first power, agile cocks Folding pens scratch, and to observe their droppings. Wait ’til the cock goes in her stool in front of the mass of the tail. For each bantamweight, reduce 30-50 grams, and present it to the cabin as the weight of their voices. Bad weight or the weight of 40 grams more than your weight declared during the derby will be fined. Gallo loses weight during the edge tracking and 30 grams is more or less safe for this. For example, if the actual weight is 2.1 kg., Minus 30 grams of it and declare a 2.070 kg. because the weight of your entry, 2.110 kg. is a negative weight. It ‘s time to fight, the cock will weigh less than 2.1 kg. shows why. While the rooster did not lose weight during the show, it is still permitted weight limit. Remember to adjust the balance as the housing, where you can fight.

Game time is also important. A dick digests the normal diet for 6 to 8 hours and fully absorb nutrients for 4 to 6 hours. So try to know your game schedule to the program of your feeding time in advance. If your game is 18 hours, with 6-8 hours late (about 12), and feed your dick half his regular ration of feed points. In 18 hours, it must be empty and on this point.

When the show is better than the feed charge air. Hear and see the harvest cock that has nothing in it. If a grain or two of power can be detected at less than half a stable dose. Empty the plants do not imply that the gizzard and other digestive organs empty. You can be sure that continues to fuel the body of a rooster, not power.

Now comes the important part of the index, humidity. Once in the cockpit, the taps off for at least 30 minutes before giving water from March to May dips. This will encourage bowel movements. As described earlier, the moisture can be measured by observing the valve is excrement. There are four (4) steps or sequence of changes that occur with the feces of the rooster when we implement procedures for scoring. The first is the excrement usually wet and solid to be seen in the morning, just before the weigh-tap, and after the last meal. Then, when the cock had emptied his bowels fibers and other waste products of the RSS, you can observe what I call “the excrement of the cecum.” This is the kind of sticky brown smelly tap from time to pass feces Keep the length of time. But now, “cecal droppings” are an indication of emptying the intestines. You will also notice that some wet spots with green trim white never go out, but it becomes smaller and smaller.

A curious move, I watched with roosters on the point is what I call ‘the head of the banks’ syndrome. Coming to their peak, the roosters begin to hit their heads (something like contractions in a person with tic). This should be viewed any relaxation before the battle itself. It is difficult to describe the movement of the writing, but once you saw the motion to strike, it is a sign that the valve is already its peak. Another sign is when the pupil of the eye begins to expand. But sometimes it is not reliable.

These are all signs of being at their peak. Be careful not to pull their fear of tip of your dick is “off.”

“Off syndrome” just after the summit. This means they have already exhausted the available nutrients and energy in their bodies, and hunger began to take its toll. Some cockers than average “off” syndrome due to an overdose, constipation or co-stale. Often a drug overdose cock become lethargic. Constipation show no interest in the fight when it is absorbed into the stool and a rooster co-stale is slow and sleepy. But first and foremost, I think the real reason for hunger syndrome “off.” One could say that this cock hungry are, what we do in the barrel. Yes, partially correct, as we refuse feeds, but remember that the nutrients are still absorbed by the body, even after the corn and other things are already digested. When the nutrients are consumed, hunger will be combined with lack of energy and nutrients essential, which makes the situation very critical and harmful. The point we want the taps to be empty but not hungry.

To extend the point, you can feed a few grains of cracked corn or ¼ c. Tea of ​​your points to feed a few hours before easing. To accelerate the start of the point, feed less in your last meal. The point can not be maintained once it sets in. It grew so long your procedure as well as pointing the real battle is within 4 to 6 hours, the peak season are in.

To avoid the “syndrome” to know the amount and the proper administration of medications you use. Avoid constipation and facilitate cooperation within often and check the temperature of your room if it is too cold. Feel the sting of any sign of fever. This is a sure indication of being “off” and the sick. If excessive moisture is observed in the feces, or take a few grains of cracked corn to highlight body moisture. However, a rooster who loses 70 grams or more days of struggle must be fought. You must be sick. If weight gain while stressing (which I think will never happen) there is no cause for alarm if empty.

V. Exercises during storage – Rotation Method

There are countless ways to form a fighting cock. Coaches have different styles and different procedures. In my years of his arms, looked me in the big guns and abroad, I met and have read to me over the years. Meet people like James Mann and Pope Buddy was very informative and helpful in my personal quest for adequate training of my cock. James Pope, sparring is the best exercise or training for the roosters, by Buddy Mann, is a combination of exercise and outs of desktop. From them and from my personal experience, I agree with you most of what I know about the exercises while in custody.

Since the first sparring session, I noticed that every time the cock fights, he pants, pants with strength, especially in summer, also has his pants when the body has too much moisture. Therefore, the main concern is to develop trainers’ Keep defense mechanisms to reduce the cock panting. Panting is a sign that the system has stressed the body of the cock so that her heart rate increases to deliver more oxygen to his organs. Breathing is obviously upset. Exercises to survive even a rooster.

First of all I want to make clear to form the Gamecocks really starts from the moment it was hatched. Husbandry and nutrition are mainly the backbone of education. You can not do much in 21 or 14 days standby, other than to keep the alarm valves, increase endurance and tone muscles. Power comes with livestock, and muscles are developed during the breeding and preconditioning. The training should help to promote flexibility, strength, muscle tone, remodeling and cardiovascular endurance. No amount of effort to improve the capacity of the Constitution, circulatory and respiratory sick birds. Then start when they are young and take good care of them as they grow up.

Keep the year, coach strives to make the cocks on the alert, because this is what they need during the battle. Agility, and quick reflex thought is a virtue in fights, sometimes only lasts a few seconds. It is necessary to avoid what we call “Boredom Disease Syndrome”, where the animals will pout, be listless and disinterested.

Another objective of the exercise during the Keep the tone of the muscles of the cocks. Tonic muscle development is different from the last acquired during the growth phases and preconditioning, while toning is just working on what we already have. In tone, the roosters are relaxed, not muscular Coop harder than ever.

There are several positions on training exercises for fightingcocks. Cockers most seniors before, subscribe to “manual” or simulation exercises, which means the supervision and management of the coach to carry out the taps. It will need different exercises, like “tail”, flies, flips, turn-overs, etc. Other for intervention “natural” or just human, offshoring taps in education. This brought about the method of rotation and the use of pens and boxes flying from zero to make the taps. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, and I feel a combination of both is necessary to perform the fighting cocks properly.

Alternating method. Circulation in this simply means moving the wire taps to tap the pen to scratch the screen, the cooperatives of rest, then back to the cable or do-Pee. This method, the instructor is a fly-pen measures 12 “long, 4” wide and 12 “high. If you could be the largest size of fencing, the better. And ‘from perch adjustable, which can be placed on the feet and 4, 6 or 8 from the floor. The litter layer is a mixture of horse manure, river sand and garden soil. texture of the bill free of the cock the ground pad, and also encourage them to do some dusting .

The scratch off. The scratch-off, on the other hand, made of wood with the following sizes: 3 ‘long, 3’ wide and 3 “high. Make it high enough that the blades are not blocked when the valve applaud them. The box must have wood floors to provide an appropriate extension of the leg when the zero tap with a full swing with the back legs. Schuck Scratch materials such as corn, banana leaves, or hay should be placed in the box. The box is designed to scratches, no dust, do not put soil in it.

The tee-pee. The tee-pee or area of ​​the cable must be your sleep patterns, and where to catch the morning dew and sun in the morning. Place your tee-pees facing east or when the sun casts its rays of the morning.

Coop. Rest Coop special equipment is required, even when you turn. This is a small cooperative of size 2 “, 2” long and 2 “in length. Taps come to rest during the day, a place for a siesta.

The rotation is done by transferring the cock of a pen to another after spending some time in it. When transferring from one pen to another, always wash your face and legs cock before putting it in the pen next. Use a spray mist with Rx Vet. This opens up the lungs and improves breathing. At the bottom of the box to encourage scratching, throwing in a half teaspoon of oatmeal per bird. For the first day, put a small scratch material and leave the tap to zero for only five (5) minutes. On the other hand, increasing the amount of material from scratch and increasing the duration of scratching for 10 minutes. Increase the amount of material and duration of scratching scratching until the seventh day, where the materials are nearly 6 inches in depth and duration of exercise, 30 minutes long. From 8 Today, the amount of material and scrape the duration of exercise so that you get to zero at the 12th day in the tank decreases.

There are different materials used for the exercises to zero light and heavy. I use banana leaves to light scratches during the summer months, and using corn or sugar cane, leaves, heavy scratching Schuck is only during the cold months. Hay can be classified as a type of two materials from scratch. You must decide if your penis needs light and heavy exercise, and adjust accordingly.

Scratching makes the movement when the valve is hungry, or you’ll never get the desired results. I put my dick in the boxes down at four o’clock, when they begin to feel their hunger comes in. After scraping, I look, wash your face and feet, then return it to the tee-pee in the sun dew.

In seven hours, I feed ration for the day conditioning cocks. You can find instructions on conditioning to prepare the foods in the diet I. During the dungeon.

A 9 take cock marrow, wash your face and feet, and place each in their respective flight pens until dinner.

At 12 hours, placed in boxes off. The rest should be no more than 2 hours to avoid co-span.

In 14 hours get a couple cock rest and make an “out” or make a “kahig” and allow the two loops, clinging to the tail. After the “exit” as the cock back the power cord while you wait. During the night, we do training table. ”

When the cock is really empty (after the collection of the colon), what I call the “droppings moisture” will be displayed. These show a whitish mucus for about two (2) inches in diameter. They become smaller as the show goes on. Gallo can be said to be a stage where the moisture throughout the droppings are so small as 25 (25) percent by money supply, and a little ‘sticky.

Thus, while easing before the game, a rooster who are nervous, easily excitable, and crazy food that is “off.” He has his mind on food, not to fight.


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